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Professionals Services


Corporate and Commercial Services

  • Establishment of Various Types of Corporate Vehicles
  • Investment applications
  • Corporate Structure and Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Secretary and Compliance
  • Corporate and Commercial Agreement
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Banking and Finance
  • Capital Market
  • Transactional Documentation
  • Corporate Re-Organization and Restructuring
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
  • Disposal of Business Operation
  • Immigration and Work Permit
  • Others

Employment and Labor Relation Services

  • Legal Analysis and Advice on Employment Matters
  • Employment Contract
  • Employment Registrations
  • Employment Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Representative in Negotiation with employees and/or Labor Union
  • Termination and Transfer of Employment
  • Others

Real Estate Services

  • Legal Analysis and Advice on Real Estate Matters
  • Registration of Condominium Units and Condominium Juristic Person
  • Land Apportionment
  • Land and Property Due Diligence
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Co-operate for the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Report
  • Real Estate Registration
  • Mortgage Arrangement
  • Others

Intellectual Properties Services

  • Legal Analysis and Advice on Intellectual Property Matters
  • Copy Right, Trademark and Patent Registration
  • Domain Name and Other Electronic Commerce Registration
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Dispute Resolution in Relation to Intellectual Property
  • Others

Taxation Services

  • Tax Analysis and Advice
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Tax Representative/Liaison
  • Tax Appeal
  • Tax Planning for All Business Operations
  • Tax Review and Tax Audit for Appropriate Tax Treatment

Litigation Services

  • Civil and commercial disputes
  • Administration, tax, labor relation, insurance, consumer protection cases
  • Arbitration
  • Rehabilitation and bankruptcy
  • Criminal cases

Other Legal Services

We can provide other legal and tax services apart from the aforesaid as per the specific assignment of the clients.